Gemma Halliday

Killer in High Heels

This amusing whodunit scores big! Maddie's winning return, with her bold comical voice and knack for thinking fast on her strappy slingbacks, will elicit cheers from the fans of the growing chick mystery field.
- Publishers Weekly
Killer In High Heels is a humorous, delectable romp you won't want to miss! The very funny Maddie will keep you in stitches and guessing as to what could possibly happen to her next. Mix in the fast-paced, action filled story and you have a very delightful way to spend an evening.
- Romance Junkies
Killer in High Heels
High Heels Mysteries Book #2

L.A. shoe designer Maddie Springer hasn't seen her father since he reportedly ran off to Las Vegas with a showgirl named Lola. So she's shocked when he leaves a desperate plea for help on her answering machine--ending in a loud bang. Gunshot? Car backfire? Never one to leave her curiosity unsatisfied, Maddie straps on her stilettos and, along with her trigger-happy best friend, makes tracks for Sin City in search of her MIA dad.

Maddie hits the jackpot, all right. She finds not only her dad, but also a handful of aging drag queens, an organized crime ring smuggling fake Prada pumps, and one relentless killer. Plus, it seems the LAPD's sexiest cop is doing a little Vegas moonlighting of his own. In a town where odds are everything, Maddie bets it all on her ability to out-step a murderer. She just hopes her gamble pays off...before her own luck runs out.

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