Gemma Halliday

Meet the Characters

You know those tabloid gossip articles, with alliterative headlines and salacious stories? (These are) the women behind them. Sarcastic, ruthless...but as a whole, you can't deny (their) devotion to loved ones and quick intelligence.
- All About Romance

Felix Dunn
Editor in Chief
Originally hired on as a reporter, Felix's tenacious pursuit of a story recently led to him being promoted to editor, a position that brings with it an authority he's working hard to master. Born and raised in England (in fact, rumor has it he's even a distant relative of the queen), Felix has the funds to live his life as the idle rich, but idle is something Felix rarely ever is. When he's not busy keeping tabs on his staff, pouring over the latest breaking news, or in hot pursuit of a story himself, Felix enjoys pursing a variety of eclectic hobbies... most of which are legal.

Tina Bender
Gossip Columnist
Tina knows everything about everyone who's anyone... and she's not afraid to print it. Living life in her own unique style, Tina's network of Hollywood informants runs deeper than the San Andreas Fault, giving her the first dish on all the juiciest scandals. Never one to let the dictates of polite society stand in her way, Tina's willing to do or say anything in order to get the perfect story... even if she has to do a little embellishing of her own. A self-proclaimed cyber geek, personal relationships aren't her thing, but she holds a record for speed-texting.

Cameron Dakota
Cameron's a transplant from the big sky country of Montana, though she's quickly adapted to the fast-paced lifestyle of Los Angeles. Originally beginning her career in front of the camera as a swimsuit model, Cam, as her friends call her, quickly realized that the real power lies with the person behind the lens. On any given day, Cam can be found trolling the Melrose shops or trendy Hollywood nightlife for candid pictures of everyone's favorite celebrities. Watch out - you never know when you'll be her next victim!

Allie Quick
Allie is the newest member of the Informer's staff. With a journalistic integrity as strong as her winning smile, she has a lot to learn about working at a tabloid. But don't let her perky exterior fool you. Allie graduated from UCLA at the top of her class with a degree in journalism, and she has a knack for finding the truth and getting to the heart of any story. This is one blonde who is anything but dumb... though she's not above playing the role if it helps her case. Her editor is looking forward to seeing just what assets Allie can bring to their paper.

Max Beacon
Max is the Informer's only original staff member still in employ by the paper. Or still alive for that matter. While he won't reveal his real age, he estimates his liver is about 102. However, he attributes his daily intake of bourbon to the fact that he hasn't yet appeared in one of his own columns.