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Rowdy Rocker Enters Rehab
by Tina Bender, Gossip Columnist

Blain Hall, front man for the angsty rock band Dirty Dogs, was seen yesterday checking into a popular drug rehabilitation facility. Sources close to the rocker confirm that he has enrolled in the substance abuse program to deal with a cocaine addiction.

The Dirty Dogs first burst onto the scene two years ago with their ballad, "My Love Runs Deeper than a Coal Mine," and their blend of emotional lyrics and soulful melodies have kept them burning up the charts ever since. However, it now turns out that Hall's unending stage energy has more to do with a little white powder than it does deep, poetic yearning.

While Blain's addiction may come as a surprise to his fans, this reporter can't help but point out that with his latest album titled, "Up Your Nose," it's hardly a shocker.

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Award Winning Actress Flaunts her Hot New Man
by Allie Quick, staff reporter
Photos by Cameron Dakota

Our cameras caught up with award winning actress Katie Briggs outside a prominent L.A. nightclub this week with - surprise, surprise! - a new man on her arm! According to our calculations, this is the fourth new beau that the star has courted in the last month. Careful,
Katie, you may get a reputation!

Katie's latest bit of man candy is reportedly a Calvin Klein underwear model from Milan, Italy. The pair met last month while Katie was on location shooting her latest film, The Agony, a lighthearted comedy about a pair of traveling mimes.

When asked to comment on the two, Katie's publicist denied any sort of budding relationship. However, this reporter believes the pictures say it all!

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Sunday, 8pm, 7pm CMT

Crime of Fashion!

What A-lister was seen running around town in (gasp!) Crocs? We'll never tell. Oh, wait, yes we will. It was Dana Dashel, star of film, TV, and the current face of Lover Girl cosmetics! Though we fear her days as a spokesmodel are numbered if she doesn't up her footwear game.

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